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Animal husbandry is a profession within the processing artisan class.[1]

  • Animals found through taming can be bred to discover lesser-known species variants with untold powers and abilities.[2]
  • Mounts, such as horses are an early gateway into the Animal husbandry profession.[2]
  • Animal husbandry will be an exploritative profession.[3]

Many animals that can be tamed and bred through the animal husbandry profession can be found in herds across the lands of Verra. These herds represent a gatherable resource, of sorts, that masters of the animal husbandry profession may then use to discover lesser-known species variants with untold powers and abilities. Mounts play a large role in Ashes of Creation, and animals like the horse are an early gateway into the unlimited possibilities that await those skilled in the arts of husbandry.[2]


Tamable creatures may fit creature templates with pre-defined behaviors.[4]

Taming may be a gathering profession in Ashes of Creation.[2]

  • Animals can be found in herds across the lands of Verra that represent a gatherable resource.[2]
  • Genetic lines react to the type of mount or creature that has been captured or tamed.[3]
  • Combat proficiency may be required in order to tame wild beasts.[5]

If you need to tame a giant beast for husbandry as an example, it will be nice to be able to handle yourself in combat should that beast want to eat you instead.[5]Steven Sharif

Breeding mechanics

Gryphon concept art.[6]

These are some concept iterations of exactly how the animal husbandry profession's going to work as you create the offspring of different combinations of animals and you find and discover types of mounts. For example this Gryphon: You will have the ability to open up an in-game character customization screen for the animals; and you'll be able to use certain dials to touch different aesthetic aspects of the actual animal's features: On its wings, on its head, its beak, its armor that's going to be present; the claws and talons. You will be able to actually make a unique representation of this mount, so you're just not a cookie cutter like everybody else.[7]Steven Sharif

Animal husbandry will have discoverable blends of breeding.[8]

Animal husbandry and taming create unique mounts with unique abilities and stats.[13][14]

There is a compendium of acceptable parameters for breeding, which isn't going to be known until players discover it.[12][15] This discovery may be different for different players.[15]

  • Animals have a unique ID that is tied to the husbandry chat (compendium) that takes into account possible combinations between animals.[12] There will be odd combinations, but there will be limits to what is possible.[15]
  • Discovery of certain breeding habits and different quests may grant access to slots in the compendium.[15]

Animal husbandry involves a tree of its own that players get to discover via what pairings they choose... That's going to be a pretty fun aspect of creating rare mounts that haven't been seen in the world.[16]Steven Sharif

Genetic lines are based on the type of mount or creature that has been captured or tamed.[3]

  • The genetic system will involve trial and error to determine what yields or combinations are possible. This will incorporate an element of RNG.[12][15]
    • This may grant access to specific types of mounts.[15]
    • A dominant genetic trait might be discovered with a pairing or there may be a much smaller chance to unlock a specific breed of species.[12]
    • These chances are improved based on the player's advancement within the Animal husbandry profession.[12]

Each of these animals have a unique ID. There's going to be essentially this husbandry chart that takes into account potential combinations between animals that you have. So there's gonna be a little bit of obviously trial and error as players begin to explore this genetic system to determine what yields are possible; and those yields are obviously going to have an element of RNG to them as well. So you know you may pick up on a more dominant genetic trait within the pairing, or you may have a much smaller chance to unlock a specific breed of species; and then those chances obviously get augmented by your advancement within the Animal Husbandry profession. So a person who's more experienced in pairing of certain animals, and even the specific types of pairings, will increase their likelihood- their RNG chances of essentially birthing a unique mount; and being able then to sell those on an open auction. They can also be applied as certificates toward the construction of particular caravans as well.[12]Steven Sharif

There are stages of development within breeding.[17]

  • Youngling stage: For mammals this relates to baby animals. For lizards (reptiles) this is an egg stage.[17]

A modified character creation system allows customization of Summoner pets and Animal husbandry.[7][17]

  • Changes at the Youngling stage affect the appearance of the animal at adulthood.[17]
  • During the Youngling stage there may also be quests for specific types of cosmetic features.[17]

There's definitely going to be odd combinations, whether it's a butterflyger, giraffealope I don't know, but there will be definitely caps that are present.[15]Steven Sharif

Royal mounts

Royal mounts are a tier 3[19] class of mounts available to Mayors of metropolis nodes and Kings and Queens of Guild castles. Royal mounts can also be dropped from legendary world bosses.[10][20]

  • If dropped from World bosses, royal mounts will have a life-span likely between 15 to 30 days (online and offline time)[10] after which the mounts will pass away.[20][21]
  • Each server may have between 10 to 20 royal mounts based on the legendary world boss timers.[22][24]

Generally flying is not something that we're going to be doing in this game and there's a lot of reasons for that: Some of it is economic, some of it is ... you create this really great looking world and we don't want you flying over all the time.[25]Jeffrey Bard

At any given point in time you're gonna see anywhere from 10 to maybe at max I would say around 20 based off of the legendary world boss timers. Probably 20 people who have flying abilities.[22]Steven Sharif

There are different types of royal mounts.[20]

Dragons are a class of these royal mounts. You can get different types of royal mounts. They don't have to be dragons. They could be some other type of legendary mythical creature... It will be an epic looking large-scale creature and people will notice you and it while you are approaching.[20]Steven Sharif


Alpha-1 early example of the first tier of animal husbandry stables on a freehold plot.[27]

Players will be able to place the animals they are trying to focus on from a Husbandry perspective within the stable area and then over the course of time are going to be able to yield some type of results out of those parings.[27]Steven Sharif

Stables in Ashes of Creation refer to:

Royal stables

Royal stables are a type of building in Ashes of Creation.[20]

  • Castles come with a royal stables.[20]
  • Mayors can choose to build royal stables within their node. Once chosen, the community will need to build the stables through quests.[20]
  • Royal mounts must be mounted in a royal stables in order to fly.[20]

The royal mounts will be the only class of mounts that can fully fly in the world; and they are will be needed to be mounted while in a royal stables. Royal stables are a building that can be built in a node if elected to be built by the mayor and supported by the community building it up through the quests to do so; and castles come with a royal stable as well. So once you have a royal stable and you become that Mayor or King or Queen, you may then mount the creature there and then take it wherever you wish.[20]Steven Sharif

Mount abilities and stats

Mounts will have different core attributes and stats.[30]


Horse 3D renders.[2]

In Ashes of Creation, the horse represents one of the first and fundamental animals in the animal husbandry profession. Players can expect to find a wide variety of horse species existing in both domesticated form from stable merchants, as well as in the wild with more exotic features and traits.[2]

Horses are a type of land mount in Ashes of Creation.[34]


Moonstrider Mule mount color schemes.

Many species of mules will be breedable.[35]

  • There will be smaller mules.[36]


Hippogryph concept art.[37]

Hippogryphs are just one example of how our Animal Husbandry system will allow you to create a variety of creatures to utilize as pets and mounts. Whether you prefer the agile feline limbs of the gryphon or the strong steed-like hind legs of the hippogryph, you’ll be able to enjoy a diverse spectrum of breeding options within Ashes of Creation.[37]

Hippogryphs are mounts in Ashes of Creation.[37]

Since ancient times, the hippogryph has been a symbol of noble and majestic strength for numerous cultures. They are cunning and fiercely independent creatures. A rarity it is, for one to have the opportunity to get close enough without being torn apart by their piercing beaks and talons. However, those fortunate enough to form a bond with a hippogryph will find them to be loyal beings, almost to a fault. It is a sight to see a hippogryph and its rider leading the vanguard of a prestigious army. Such is the inspiration they bring.[37]


Gryphons (griffins, griffons) are mounts in Ashes of Creation.[7]

Pet progression

Some pets will be levelable and will have gear available to them.[39]

Summon appearance

A summon's appearance is determined by in-game choices.[41]

Summoners can change the appearance of their summons.[43]

The other cool thing about the you know summoner that we want to implement is kind of a summon creation suite where you can customize the appearance potentially based on what you found in the world. Something that's already going to be implemented with the animal husbandry system; and there's no reason why we can't take that technology- that you know system and apply it elsewhere such as with the Summoner.[44]Steven Sharif

Underrealm resources

Resources will be different in the Underrealm.[45]

  • This will affect Farming and Animal husbandry professions.
  • Since players may only have one Freehold, they must choose their Artisan specializations accordingly if they wish to place it in the Underrealm.


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