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Bows are a type of ranged weapon in Ashes of Creation.[3] Bows are projectile-based weapons. Players crossing into the path (of an arrow in flight) may be struck.[4][5]

  • Shortbows have faster, less powerful, shorter range basic attacks.[6][1]
    • Holding down the basic attack will repeatedly fire the basic attack rather than performing a charged attack.[6]
The direction that we went with the shortbow was a lot more- I almost want to say acrobatic- like you can use this a lot more freely movement. It doesn't slow you as much. It's a higher rate of fire. Basically this is the more mobile feeling, lightweight version of the longbow: So it's not quite as powerful because you're making some trade-offs here with range and attack speed.[6]Tradd Thompson
  • Longbows have slower, more powerful, longer range basic attacks.[6][1]
    • Tapping the basic attack will shoot normally.[1]
    • Holding the basic attack button will charge the shot (and root the player) to cause added damage. These may also be able to be comboed with normal shots to create damage spikes.[1][7]
We are thinking about unique buffs that can be applied to your weapons that are on a per-instance basis of the attack; so, for example, you might have a quiver that you can activate on a cooldown, and that quiver might apply some type of rider effect on the basic weapon attack that you have equipped. Or, you might have some type of alchemical consumable that applies it to your melee weapon. Those I think are interesting because they add an element of horizontal gameplay, depending on the adversary you're facing or the challenge you're up against.[9]Steven Sharif

List of bows

Item Icon Source Rarity Level requirement Set
Longbow of Briarhome RareLongbowIcon.png Drop Rare Briarhome
Shortbow of Briarhome RareShortbowIcon.png Drop Rare Briarhome

Bow abilities

Skill Icon Base skill
Longbow basic attack Bow basic attack.png A slower, powerful, longer range basic ranged attack. Tapping the basic attack button will shoot normally. Holding the basic attack button will charge the shot (and root the player) to cause added damage.[7][6][1]
Shortbow basic attack Copper Shortbow Icon.png A fast, low power, short range basic ranged attack. Holding down the basic attack button will repeatedly fire.[6][1]

Bow cosmetics

- None -

Ranged weapons

A character may equip up to two hand weapons and also wear a ranged weapon on their back.[11][12][13]


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