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Ashes of Creation and Intrepid Studios are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intrepid Studios, Inc.

  • All Ashes of Creation artworks, lore and game content are the property of Intrepid Studios, Inc. and are used with permission.

All other content on this site is copyright of the respective authors, and available under the CC BY-SA license.

  • Image-specific permissions are located on the images' description pages.


All textual content on the Ashes of Creation Wiki is released under one of two licenses.

Both licenses allow anyone to re-use the content in any way they choose. This includes charging money for access to the content, distributing it wherever and however they like, and modifying it in any way they see fit.

The main differences between the two licenses are:

  • If you alter CC BY-SA content, your changes must also be released under the CC BY-SA.
  • Any use of CC BY-SA content must provide credit to the authors.

Bulbgraph.png Note: This is a very basic comparison to highlight the main points. There are other differences that have not been mentioned here. Please seek proper legal advice if you are in any doubt about what you are and are not allowed to do with material released under either license.

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