Arrows to the Corporal

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Arrows to the Corporal is a quest in Ashes of Creation.[1]

Recommended level 1
Start location Alpha-1 starting area
Quest giver Lieutenant Griori
XP reward 10
Steps 3

Step 1

Go to the blacksmith located besides Lieutenant Griori


  • Yes? What is it?
    • [PROMPT] I have a request from Griori to deliver some arrows to Corporal Cuhlum. Could you supply me?
      • Yeah. Would you mind helping yourself? Just grab one of the small crates on the side of the building. Safe travels.
        • [PROMPT] Thanks. (Leave)
    • [PROMPT] Can I craft a new weapon here? (Accepts Quest Prepare to Craft)
      • I don't know you look kind of weak to me.
        • [PROMPT] Hey! I can do it.
          • You didn't even buy the required tools yet. Go purchase them from the merchant and return to me when you are done.
            • [PROMPT] Okay. (Leave)
    • [PROMPT] Nevermind. (Leave)

Step 2

Collect the glowing crates by interacting with them (E key)

Step 3

Deliver the arrows to Corporal Cuhlum.

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