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Arcane Tome

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Screenshot from Alpha-1 testing. Image credit: Guild:Overlord

Arcane Tome is a Spellbook in Ashes of Creation.


Type Spellbook
Rarity Rare
Level requirement 12
Source Crafted items

The embossed symbols on the cover radiate with Arcane light.[1]


Core Stats
Mentality +3.00
Additional Stats
Magical Attack Dmg +14.94%
Magical Crit Damage +4.00%
Magical Disable Chance +4.00%
Magical Crit Rate +3.00%
Max Mana +155.00



Component : Quantity
Arcane Tome Schematic 1
Wrought Iron 4
Silver Ingot 3
Hard Wood 5
Gold Ingot 3
Grinding Stone 8

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