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Appearance slots

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Gear will have appearance slots (Transmutation/Transmog/cosmetic slots) that are used to copy the appearance of an item (in some cases).[1][2]

  • There are rules when applying cosmetics to specific items, unlike costumes, which don't have level restrictions.[3]
  • Cosmetic slots can be toggled on or off by the player.[4]
  • A "default player appearance" may be automatically applied during sieges or other large scale battles to improve client-side performance.[5][6]
Alpha-1 female plate armor 3D render.[7]

We want to be realistic with the application of particular types of armor, such as plate armor. In this regard for the different sexes there's a fine line that has to be drawn between accentuating the form of the sex as well as making it somewhat realistic and actually applicable to the environment.[7]Steven Sharif

Gear is intended to be realistic in appearance.[8][9]

  • There will not be "oversized" weapons.[10]
  • Armor will not be overly sexual in appearance.[9]

We're going for kind of a more realistic look; not necessarily realistic setting, but we want our characters to have weight and kind of feel like they're there.[8]Jeffrey Bard

I'm more of the mind that it wouldn't really serve a purpose to have bikini plate armor, just in like reality, if you're going to have armor, it should be protective. I think from a fashion statement is enjoyable for some people, but it's a kind of an immersive issue.[8]Steven Sharif

Armor will take on a racial appearance.[11]

Each race is getting its custom geo pieces, which then will share thematic components such as color palette, attachments, design filigree. Those types of things will get shared across the geo but generally you're going to see unique races with unique geo.[12]Steven Sharif

  • Cosmetics can be used by all races but there may be slight variations to make them work with the body builds of each race.[13]

Players can change gear colors using dyes.[14][15]

Helmet display can be toggled on and off.[16]

  • Hair will likely be masked if helmet display is toggled on.[17]

Particle effects are used to denote the importance and rarity of some weapons.[18]

Weapons are able to be sheathed.[19]

Crafters are able to influence what their crafted items will look like.[20][21]

Racial weapons and armor

Armor racial appearances in early Alpha-1.[22]

Violet light and myself are wearing exactly the same armor set right: Same stats, same everything, but it drops for her it looks one way, it drops for me it looks another way; and... a small part of that is gender, but then the other part of it is race. So because I was a Vaelune in that playthrough my armor was in the Vaelune style; and when she picked it up it was in the elven style because she was an elf. So that kind of gives you an example of sort of the breadth of looks that we're going for and how we kind of try to capture like who you are as as a character and kind of allow you to kind of build your look that way.[23]Jeffrey Bard

Weapons and armor are not race locked, but armor will take on a racial appearance.[25][26]

The customization of equipment per race is really focused on Armor sets not Weapon props. Weapon props will, from a model standpoint, will translate pretty one-to-one across the races.[11]Steven Sharif

Let's say for example you have the Eagle set or something, right: The Eagle set has in art, it has a thematic design that's going to include certain attachments to the armor. It's going to include color palette and theme. It's going to have some aspects to it that define it as the Eagle set, right. When a Elf wears the Eagle set or when an Orc wears the Eagle set, you obviously have two different cultures there; and you don't want to stomp out that culture by assigning a de facto 'This is the Eagle set and this is how it looks on everybody.' What we want to have is cultural influences play a role in showing how that set looks.[11]Steven Sharif

When you say, what if I'm an Orc but want to look like an Elf and I want my Eagle set to be the Elf representation? Well the issue becomes there that you know Orcs have a different organic model. You know, their body is different than that of the Elf. So, from a scope-creep standpoint, it's one thing to add different influences that represent the cultures that are donning the armor; it's another thing to adapt each influence as a matrix that can be worn pretty much by everything. From a scope perspective, that's a very difficult task for the character artists to kind of tackle. So instead what we've done is, in order to facilitate a variety of cultural representation between the races but allow for the sharing of assets like different armor sets, we give different representations of those armor sets to each race.[27]Steven Sharif

Gear slots

There are 16 gear slots in Ashes of Creation:[29]

Items on back and belt

Backpack sockets (slots).[30]

The idea is to kind of move away from the mundane kind of application of belts in previous MMOs where they don't really have a lot of character so to speak. But in reality you know as an adventurer you come with a lot of tools and things that you have to use out in the wild in order to achieve what you're trying to achieve. So we wanted to kind of represent that on your character and give you something that can actually be tangible for your character and see there. I think it adds a lot of character and flavor to your identity.[31]Steven Sharif

Mage character with material components for spell casting attached to its belt.[32]

This belt has like my material components for spell casting so I definitely feel like I'm a witch right now.[32]Steven Sharif

Items attached to a character's back or belt represent items they are in possession of. Players can set the appearance priority for the items they wish to show.[33][34][35] Only one item can show at a time, and that is determined by player choice.[36]

A big component of the MMORPG that - half of that you know acronym is RPG role-playing game. And in order to role-play you need to be able to represent kind of what your character is doing in that world and you know part of what animation is doing is creating these sockets on the let's say the belt or the back that you know can plug in certain types of props or items that are created by the character team, like Carson, you know might be a scroll tube, it might be a potion, it might be whatever: Those players will have the ability as we've discussed in the past will have the ability to select what they want to be represented in those sockets and then animation will make sure that jibe well in movement.[30]Steven Sharif

Back slots include.[36]

Belt (hip) slots include.[33][36]

There'll be a priority system behind that that'll determine... do I show the Bow if the Greatsword is unequipped or do I show the Polearm if the Greatsword is unequipped.[35]Jeffrey Bard

Gear inspection/ Threat assessment

Players will have a buff on their nameplate that indicates the gear set they are wearing. Other players will be able to see this buff by targeting that player at a distance.[37][38][39]

You can target a player. You're going to see what type of armor they have based on a buff they have available to them because obviously cosmetics can change appearance. You might have different silhouettes as a result of that.[40]Steven Sharif
  • The border will indicate the level and quality of the tier set.[37][38][41]
  • This also indicates if the gear is enchanted.[38][41]
  • The developers believe that inspecting gear to obtain an exact equipment list or gear score may lead to "unwelcome behavior".[42]

When you see a player approaching you and they're wearing a transmog you know you don't know if that person is a high damage mitigation against physical damage or against magical damage and essentially the way we overcome that is through you being able to target a player at a distance and they will have a buff that's present on them that you will see, which indicates that essentially the piece set that they are wearing. It is important for players to be able to ascertain from a threat assessment standpoint you know what they're going up against if they're actively checking that and that will be available.[39]Steven Sharif

Being by default able to see a person's "gear score" / equipment list... may cause unwelcome behavior.[42]

Gear sets

Kaelar tier 1 (level 10) early Alpha-1 cloth armor non-cosmetic set 3D renders.[43]

Gear sets (also known as tier sets) are a part of Ashes of Creation.[44][2]

  • Different tiers of gear are accessible based on a character's level.[44][2]
  • Players gain bonuses depending on the number of pieces of the set they have equipped.[44][2]
    • An overarching set effect is granted to wearers of exclusively one type of armor, for example: all cloth, or all plate.[45]
    • Certain set bonuses may trade off core gear stats.[46]
    • There may be set bonuses that members of certain communities will obtain based on gear set type.[2]
  • There are passive abilities that can be chosen to become more adept with certain set types.[2]
  • There will be viable non-set builds.[46]
  • Racial appearance of gear sets is tied to the character model of that race.[27]

Approximately 49 unique gear sets are obtainable in Alpha-1 from crafting, quests, drops and exploration.[47]

Crafted items

Crafted items will be on par with best in slot items.[48]

That plays into our crafting system in and of itself right. The idea is for those stats to be variables that can be kind of dictated based on the mastery level of the particular crafter; and the higher they become a master of those professions, whether it be for armor or for weapons or for accessories, they're going to have some agency and put their mark on essentially what items they're introducing into the economy.[52]Steven Sharif

Crafters are able to influence what their crafted items will look like.[20][21]

We believe that every item that exists in the world should in some way reflect its creator. As such, there will be extreme versatility in our crafting system – giving crafters the ability to create unique items that represent their strengths and weaknesses.[55]

Crafting and World Bosses will be the main way to obtain high-level gear. There are some exceptions to this in the form of Legendary items (single server drops or discoveries), and other equipment that may drop wholesale, but we want Artisans and top tier raiding to produce the lion’s share of high level, high effectiveness equipment.[56]Sarah Flanagan


Cinderhorn Steer pre-order pack cosmetic mount skin.[57]

Providing these limited options that collectors out there like when it comes to achieving and/or purchasing cosmetics. It means something I think when players make that decision to purchase or they go through the rigorous portion of achieving those things in game that it is not just everywhere around them and becomes meaningless at that point.[58]Steven Sharif

Pets, Mounts, Costumes, Armor, Buildings and Accessories sold in the cosmetic store are skins.[59]

The best skins will be in-game achievable (obviously “best” is subjective, so I’d say the most ornate and detailed/unique).[66]Steven Sharif

Racial skins

Racial skins enable a player to change their character's racial appearance.[67][68]

  • Racial skins transform the race of the character to that skin. The original racial appearance of the character is entirely replaced.[69]
  • Racial skins can be toggled on and off.[68]

You're changing your race over to that, which means that you won't look uniquely different if you were a Vek angel or a Human angel.[69]Steven Sharif

Racial skins are not costumes. This means that armor and character customization is possible on these.[70]

  • Skin color customization.[71]
  • Racial skins appear along with any costume appearances.[72]

There are plans to create other racial skins.[56]

  • Some potential future ideas include undead and werewolf (lycan) skins.[73]



Vestments of the Runecarvers pre-order pack cosmetic costume.[74]

The costume cosmetics that are included in each month's pre-order set are indeed a full piece, and when you put it on it will cover your entire appearance. You will not be able to mix and match/toggle those pieces individually (other than your helmet) when you're wearing the entire costume. This is partially why there is a separate category for accessories - those are able to be worn/equipped on a more individualized basis, so you can mix and match to your liking![75]Sarah Flanagan

Costumes are available for purchase from the cosmetic store.

Full costumes do not mix and match pieces.[79]Steven Sharif

The costume cosmetic does not come in pieces. It will cover your entire set.[78]Margaret Krohn


Kickstarter weapon skins

Kickstarter backers will receive a unique weapon skin.[83]

  • Usable on all types of weapons.
  • Include subtle and tasteful glow/particle effects.

Backer only armor skin

All Kickstarter backers receive a unique armor skin set.[84]

Cosmetic store

Ashes of Creation cosmetic store.[85]

There is going to be legendary cosmetics that can be earned and achieved in the game through the game systems, but that's going to take a significant amount of effort and work; and those cosmetics are going to be on-par with the cosmetics offered in the marketplace... What that does is it provides additional revenue to the company so that we can continue to fund the development of content as well and bridge the divide that not having a box cost would have and not having any pay-to-win mechanics whatsoever.[86]Steven Sharif

The Cosmetic store enables players to purchase Cosmetics for use in Ashes of Creation.[87] The cosmetic store offers limited time, limited quantity items to help sustain game development.[88]

  • Equitable cosmetics, both from a quantity and quality standpoint, are achievable through in-game means.[88]
  • Nothing in the cosmetic store will be pay to win.[89]

Nothing in our shop will ever be pay to win as we believe this practice greatly hurts the MMORPG genre.[89]

  • Cash shop cosmetics will offer a diverse selection of unique looks.[90]

I want to incentivize purchase in the cosmetic shop for sustainability of what expansions we have intended, since we are not a box cost. I want to incentivize purchase by offering limited items: limited time, limited quantity, so you have confidence that when you purchase them, they won't be offered later on in some other way.[88]Steven Sharif

  • All cosmetic store items will be non-tradeable.[91] There will be no gifting mechanism for cosmetic items.[92]

I don't want cosmetic items that can be purchased from the market to be transferable... because it is in a way a transfer of money for potentially something in-game.[92]Steven Sharif


Attachments are able to be unlocked as flair pieces to armor to create a customizable look.[93]

  • There will be hundreds of attachments available ranging from a small clasp to the front plate of a breast plate.[93]

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