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Apartment destructibility

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Apartments may be destroyed in the following circumstances:[1]

  • If their building was destroyed during a node siege, even if the siege was not successful.[1]
  • If the node delevels below Village (stage 3) as a result of being destroyed or through node atrophy.[1]
  • If a mayor built extra apartment buildings at Town (stage 4) or higher and the Node deleveled below that stage.[1]
  • If the mayor decides to destroy apartment buildings all items and layouts will be mailed to the owner.[2]

Node sieges

Node sieges (Pre-alpha footage).[3]

As some areas in the world grow, others will fall. This is the foundation of the living, breathing world that is Ashes of Creation, where players will have the ability to make important decisions that matter in the longevity of an area becoming a city, or whether to siege a rival town. Rise above the ashes, create the world around you, and be a part of the story that unfolds because of your actions and decisions.[4]Margaret Krohn

Node sieges enable players to destroy nodes.[4] This paves the way for new development and access to the locked content in surrounding nodes. Due to this dynamic, political strife and intrigue play an important role in the structure of the world.[5]

Sieging nodes will not be an easy task for the attackers. Cities and metropolises will have a considerable defensive advantage.[5]

If you own a home in a node and you don't want to see that home destroyed, you need to defend that city![6]Steven Sharif

Nodes can delevel based on node atrophy.[4]

Death penalties do not apply to objective-based events (such as caravans, guild wars, and node sieges).[7]

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