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Mage primary archetype combined with Cleric secondary archetype combo is an Acolyte class.[1]


Skill Icon Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3
Black Hole Black Hole Icon.jpg Summons a black hole at the target location that slowly pulls in enemy targets.[2] Snares targets after pull.[3] Black hole explodes at the end of the pull duration dealing damage.[3]
Blink Blink Icon.jpg Blinks forward in the direction you are traveling.[4][5] Increased blink distance. Reduces threat on targets nearby upon activation.[6][5] Increased blink distance. Deals area damage upon impact.[6][5]
Drain Essence Drain Essence Icon.jpg Drains your target, converting their health into mana for yourself.[7] Increase damage and mana conversion percentage.[8] Deplete targets near to your foe.[8]
Fireball Fireball Icon.jpg Throws a fireball at your target. Deals instant damage.[9] Becomes a burn (damage over time).[8][10][11] Area of effect around the target.[8][10]
Gift of the Magi Gift of the Magi Icon.jpg Transfers some of your mana to your targeted ally.[12][13] Increased amount of mana transferred. Increased mana transfer efficiency.[12][8] Increased amount of mana transferred. Increased mana transfer efficiency.[12][8]
Lava Storm Lava Storm Icon.jpg Creates a field of lava at the selected location. Deals additional damage in the center of the ability. Deals area damage around the caster upon cast.[14][15] Increased damage. Increased duration.[14][8] Increased damage. Increased duration.[14][8]
Lightning Bolt Lightning Bolt Icon.jpg Shoots forward a beam of lightning that damages enemies in a line in front of you.[16] Adds damage over time to targets hit.[17] Chains to nearby enemies that are not hit. Anyone who is outside the line has a chance to get a bolt jump to them.[17]
Meteor Storm Meteor Storm Icon.jpg Summons forth a Meteor Storm, dropping 3 meteors in the target location. Each meteor deals large area damage upon impact.[18] Increase damage and number of impacts. Stun enemies as they are hit.[8] Increase damage and number of impacts. Stun enemies as they are hit.[8]
Prismatic Beam Prismatic Beam Icon.jpg Spawns a giant prismatic beam of energy that can be aimed around you. Deals large damage to enemy targets and slows their movement while being hit.[19] Damages over time after channel.[20] Damages enemies between caster and target in a cone.[21][20]

Cleric augments

Classes with Cleric as a secondary archetype are able to choose between life or death augments.[22][23]

  • Choosing life augments will provide self-healing benefits as well as limited life-giving benefits to other players.[24][22]
  • Some cleric augments applied to certain skills will indirectly provide the ability to heal others. These will not replace the need for a cleric archetype.[25]
  • Cleric augments will radically change the type of summons available from the summoner primary archetype.[26]
    • Skeletons, zombies and other undead summons will be possible with death based augments.[26][27]

Any class that's going to choose Cleric as a secondary class will have the ability to pick from those augments to influence their skills to affect the life of others around you.[22]Steven Sharif

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