2018-06-02 Newsletter

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Development Update, Store Update and Upcoming Live Stream

Glorious Ashes Community,

The Intrepid Team has been hard at work on Ashes this month and so far we have been ahead of schedule in our sprint towards the first phase of Alpha One. We just completed 2 straight weeks of testing in Alpha Zero with over 2,000 participants. We cannot thank our community enough, for the constant support and dedication to helping us make Ashes of Creation the greatest MMORPG possible.

We know how hard it can be for an MMO to have a smooth launch, and the experience on our team of veterans who have launched some of the largest MMOs in the past, combined with the endless testing we have planned and a community hungry to help, we can be certain that Ashes will launch with a quality to make you proud.

We have hired 7 new team members, who will be announced in June! And we have our next scheduled Live Stream this Monday the 4th of June at 3PM PDT. Tune in on Twitch

A sneak peek at some of the weapons our amazing artists have been working on, from concept to model.


Pre-Order Store Updates

The new cosmetics for June will be updated on Monday June 4th.

The May cosmetics below will not be available after Monday, visit our Pre-Order store today and grab them before they are gone!


We have officially launched the Ashes of Creation pre-order store! The store offers 4 unique and limited packages, which grant access to our Alpha and Beta phases. Each month these packages will change, offering a limited time cosmetic set. These cosmetics will change around the 2nd of every month, all the way up until launch. If you own a previous month's package or are a Kickstarter or summer backer, you are able to add the cosmetics found in our monthly pre-order packages as add-ons. The cosmetics in the packages below are limited and will not be available again for purchase after they are changed!

Everyone here at Intrepid is committed to creating the MMORPG of your dreams, and we are hard at work building Ashes. We cannot thank you all enough for the passion and support you have shown this project. We have a long road ahead of us, and we will continue to keep you updated with the progress of our development. With love from everyone at Intrepid, Thank you!


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