2018-04-02 Newsletter

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Glorious Ashes Community,

This week, the Intrepid Studios team will be headed to Boston, for PAX East 2018! During the show, from April 5th to April 8th, we will be raffling out 300 Alpha Zero Keys to our community! As you know, Alpha Zero is our Pre-Alpha testing phase that will help prepare Ashes for our Alpha One release.

The Team and our 1200 Alpha Zero testers have been hard at work on the road to Alpha One. We cannot express enough, just how grateful we are for your enthusiasm and support. It means everything to us <3

We will also be streaming everyday from PAX, as well as holding an Ashes of Creation Panel on the development of our Most Anticipated MMORPG.

Want to help us test Alpha Zero?

We are introducing a new opportunity for our Glorious Ashes Community to gain additional entries into our Alpha Zero raffles! From this point forward, all social media followers will gain added entries into our raffles.

For each social media account you subscribe or follow, you will gain an additional chance to help us test our Pre-Alpha builds! All you need to do is subscribe or follow our official YouTube, Twitch, Ashes of Creation official Twitter or Ashes of Creation official Facebook.

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PAX East LIVE stream schedule

We will be streaming LIVE from our booth at PAX East every day of the convention! Join us each day as we interview members of the Development Team!

Thursday: April 5th - 11AM EST - 4PM EST Friday: April 6th - 10:30AM EST - 11:30AM EST (PAX PANEL) Friday: April 6th 1PM EST - 4PM EST Saturday: April 7th 11AM EST - 4PM EST Sunday: April 8th 11AM EST - 3PM EST

PAX panel details

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Pre-Order store updates

The cosmetics in our monthly Pre-Order packages have been updated with the following items.


Store update

We have officially launched the Ashes of Creation pre-order store! The store offers 4 unique and limited packages, which grant access to our Alpha and Beta phases. Each month these packages will change, offering a limited time cosmetic set. These cosmetics will change every month on the 2nd all the way up until launch. If you own a previous month's package or are a Kickstarter or summer backer, you are able to add the cosmetics found in our monthly pre-order packages as add-ons. The cosmetics in the packages below are limited and will not be available again for purchase after this month.

We cannot wait to join our fans at PAX East and show off our work on Ashes of Creation. If you or anyone you know will be attending the convention, send them over to our booth! There may even be some opportunities for Keys and Merchandise at our Panel Friday morning!

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Everyone here at Intrepid is committed to creating the MMORPG of your dreams, and we are hard at work building Ashes. We cannot thank you all enough for the passion and support you have shown this project. We have a long road ahead of us, and we will continue to keep you updated with the progress of our development. With love from everyone at Intrepid, Thank you!

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